Science Fair

Winterhaven's all-school science fair is our signature event! Each year, every Winterhaven student is asked to explore the scientific process by asking a question, proposing an answer, and designing and running an experiment. Students communicate their results by displaying posters of their work at the science fair. At the elementary school level, teachers and parents guide students through the exploration and inquiry and teachers focus on communicating scientific results. In grades 5-8, students focus more extensively on the breaking down the steps of the scientific method in the classroom and work closely with teachers to create posters that are judged in a friendly competition. Parents and community members select the "best of the best" posters to represent our school at the Intel Science Expo in the spring. 

2018 Winterhaven Science Fair Winners:

  • 8th Grade: 
    • 1st: Lina Norris
    • 2nd: Isabelle Chambers & Ella Yaris
    • 3rd: Owen Kane
    • Honorable Mentions: Eleanor Parks-Orr & Sammi Sotelo Sanchez, Helena Atkinson & Amity Cummings
  • 7th Grade
    • 1st: Micah Powch
    • 2nd: Lorenzo Segura
    • 3rd: Elsie Hopkins
    • Honorable Mentions: Maxine Burton & Matilda Weir, Ibby Anderson & Cole Hersey
  • 6th Grade
    • 1st: Eli Stabler
    • 2nd: Sam Even
    • 3rd: Calvin Beall
    • Honorable Mentions: Hannah Rivas-Scott, Korbin Towne
  • 5th Grade
    • 1st: Sammy Hopkins
    • 2nd: Nathan Cheriel
    • 3rd: Scarlett Farraris
    • Honorable Mentions: Willem Munro, Lily Rianda

Science Expo: The Intel Northwest Science Expo occurs every spring at Portland State University. Winterhaven is permitted ten spots at middle school level (5th - 9th grade). The top 3 winners for each grade level at the Winterhaven Science fair are eligible to attend this event. Faculty determine which students will attend based on a number of factors (judges scores, student availability, diversity of project subjects, meeting of Science Expo guidelines, etc). 

2018 Science Expo Winners: 

  • Sammy Hopkins - 2nd in Chemistry
  • Calvin Beall - 2nd in Earth Science
  • Lorenzo Segura - 3rd in Energy
  • Lina Norris -3rd in Engineering
  • Eli Stabler - 3rd in Physics: Electromagnetic
  • Sam Even - Honorable Mention in Physics: Mechanical
  • Micah Powch - Honorable Mention in Physics: Mechanical

Special Awards (descriptions at this link):

Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award (NOAA): Calvin Beall

Naval Excellence in Science and Engineering Award (Office of Naval Records, US Navy & Marine Corps ): Lina Norris

Broadcom Masters: Calvin Beall


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