Science Fair

In preparation for next year’s Science Fair, Jen Schramm, Science Fair Chair, shared some ideas in an email to parents:


  • Date: We are planning to push science fair back a bit next year toward the end of February so that it is less impacted by winter break. 
  • Scoring Criteria: I am working with the middle school science teachers to standardize terminology and refine the scoring sheets we used last year. 
  • Format: Preliminary judging will remain as it was run this year taking place evenings during the week before science fair. We hope to run final judging during the school day/just after school and have the finalists set up (already judged) at the start of the evening science fair so you can check them all out before awards are announced. 
  • Science Fair Website: If you visit the PTSA page, you will see a new tab that says Science Fair. Over the summer, I will be filling it up with information and resources including the scoring criteria and a poster template. Hoping that this will be a helpful resource for families as they help their kiddos develop their own projects over the next year. 
  • Workshops: I'm hoping to run a few workshops in the fall to help middle school families prepare for the science fair.