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President's Letter, 12/07/17

posted Dec 11, 2017, 10:30 AM by Admin at Winterhaven

Dear Winterhaven community -

Last week I sent you an interim President's letter regarding our budget issues that I know initiated some concerns.

Speaking on behalf of the board, we are humbled and grateful that so many of you immediately responded with well wishes, donations, and responses to volunteer asks. This is a tremendous community, and it's heartwarming to see how quickly you jumped in and acted when called upon.

In order to bring transparency to some of the questions community members have raised on our Facebook group or have sent to board members privately, we have put together an FAQ, working under the guidance and direction of our local Portland Council PTA and Oregon PTA. We hope that this provides answers to these questions. 

Our goal with this FAQ is to generally look forward to solutions, not backward to causes. Hopefully the sensitivity of our position is clear. 

We are, of course, still fundraising (here's the Paypal link), and look forward to seeing you tonight at our Anti-bias Workshop & potluck with author and speaker Katie Kissinger at the school (3830 SE 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97202) from 5:30-8pm.

We are working hard to address and answer each concern as carefully and thoughtfully as possible. Some of this work takes time, and we are grateful (again) for the many ways our community members have shown their support.
______________________________ ______________

Rebekah Folsom  PTSA interim president  mom to Milo (8th) and Zel (5th) Walsh

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