Winterhaven Weekly - 2/21/18

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Upcoming Events:


  • March 1 – Variety Show 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • March 21 – Two Hour Late Start
  • March 26 – 30 – Spring Break, No School


Counselor’s Corner Hello,

I’m writing this watching the snow fall here on Tuesday (and Thursday).  The school is high energy today, for sure.  Hopefully all of us make it home safely and in a timely manner today and other snow days.  

If I make it to other classes this week, the plan continues to be looking at race and the role it plays in our lives and culture.  5th and 6th and maybe 4th will watch/finish Verna Myers’ TED Talk.  All classes will also watch another person from Momondo’s DNA Project.  For most classes this will be Jay and Karen or Carlos.  We will continue to have discussions around the role our assumed race plays in our lives and what effect the stories about culture have upon us.  Lower grades will read a book called “Respecting Diversity”

Cleveland HS is scheduled to be here next Thursday for our 8th graders, weather permitting again.  They will have paperwork for you to look over and sign.  Again, there is always a family or two surprised at what high school they are assigned to.  Please double check this on the district website.  Also, if you are planning on using the other parent’s address in a split household, please let Nancy know as soon as you can so that the high school can get you your information about things like welcoming picnics and sports.  


Since weather is on our minds today, let’s use it for our question:  “How do our racial stereotypes play into how we expect different folks to deal with or participate in the weather?”  I’m reminded of the TED Talk/Song “Black Men Ski”; but other stereotypes may be amongst us.  One that surfaced in my neighborhood this week was around Latinos in the cold.  



"Black Men Ski"

What happens when a black man visits Aspen? Singer/songwriter Stew and his band are about to let you know.






Cliff Shaw
School Counselor
Winterhaven School



Variety Show –Our amazing Variety show gives Winterhaven students a way to showcase creative and interesting things that they enjoy doing. As always, we are looking for a VARIETY of acts to be in the show:  music, dance, comedy, skits, athletics, speech, novelty, magic...just to name a few. 


Dress Rehearsal:

Tuesday 2/27 3:30-5 pm



Thursday 3/1 

-In school 1:15 pm

-Evening 6:30 pm


As always we will need volunteers (parents & students) to pitch in, so please sign up online at:


We are also looking for someone who has a camera that would allow us to take a video of the performance.


If you have any questions please contact Kari Key at



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