Winterhaven Weekly 12/14/17

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Upcoming Events:


  • December 18 – January 1 – Winter Break.
  • January 2 – First school day of 2018
  • January 6 – Oregon Food Bank Volunteer Opportunity  12:45 pm to 3:00 pm


Counselor’s Corner – Hey folks,


We are wrapping up this last week of the year in the K-6 classes by reflecting on our learnings of mindfulness.  How is it useful to each student as an individual?  How does it help?  What are things it can’t help with?   What gets in the way of making it a regular practice?  What are other ways we can be mindful?  This then becomes a mindful eating exercise, which will likely be very difficult for the kids.  Hopefully it will be fun also.  If you could continue to reinforce mindfulness at home throughout the year that would be instrumental to helping our school be the amazing place it is.   


You may have heard in the news about a big spike in youth anxiety levels.  We were a very anxious school before this spike, so it is really hitting us hard.  Please take the time to check in with your kiddo (and yourself) to see where their stress levels are.  Taking the time to really relax at least a couple days this vacation is especially necessary for many of our kids, particularly the more introverted ones who really just need some alone time, as do we introverted adults also!  Sometimes the pace of the holidays can interfere with this.  Try to make the time for some mindful down time and allow them to be in the moment of “now” rather than thinking of the future.  


A reminder that Grant High School will be here the first Friday in January (the 5th) to speak to the half dozen 8th graders headed their way and Franklin will be here in February to speak to their dozen.  Cleveland will follow at some point.  Other public high schools will send me the materials as they become ready and I’ll be choosing the classes with the students as needed.  You’ll need to sign off on your student’s class choices so be expecting paperwork to come home after each of those meetings.  


And to our equity question of the week: “What do our portrayals of the holidays speak about our ideas of race and class?  How can we improve this for future generations?”  You’ll have to break this down some for the wee ones


Happy Holidays.  

Cliff Shaw


Traffic Reminder – A reminder to all families who drive their children to school, please slow down.  We want all students to be safe and when cars are going too fast, the likelihood that someone gets hurt increases.  We also want to encourage folks to use the drive thru to pick up and drop off their students as it helps with traffic in the front of the school.


Book Fair - Thanks to the Winterhaven community for a very successful book fair. With your support we doubled last year's sales and purchased $850 worth of books for our library.  Your generosity also purchased a record 26 books for our classrooms! We could not have done this without the support of our awesome local bookstore, Wallace Books; our volunteer book sellers; and our student packing crew!


Food Drive to benefit Portland Food Project - Thanks to all who donated food to our donation drive supporting Portland Food Project.   We collected 230 pounds of food to help stock food pantries around the Portland area to help individuals and families get through the holiday season!  If you would like more information on what the Portland Food Project does or how to become a regular donor please check out their website   or feel free to contact me at

Thanks again from the Winterhaven Community Service Committee! 



Oregon food Bank Volunteer Opportunity - Celebrate the New Year with Helping Those in Need!

Looking for a fast-paced, fun way to get involved in giving back to our community?

Please join the Winterhaven Community Service Committee in helping out at the Oregon Food Bank, Volunteer Action Center.  We will be repacking bulk foods into family-sized portions to be distributed to families in need.  


Where: Oregon Food Bank Headquarters – Portland, 7900 NE 33rd Drive, Portland, OR 97211

When:  January 6, 2018, 12:45 - 3:00 PM 

Who:  40 Winterhaven family members age 6 and older

Space is limited (up to 40 volunteers including adults), so sign up soon -- spots fill up fast! 

How to sign up:  Email Shelley (Violet and Lina Norris' mom) at


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