Winterhaven Weekly - 9/14/2017

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Upcoming Events: 


  • Monday, September 18 – Back to School Night, grades K – 2, 6 pm to 6:40 pm 
  • Monday, September 18 – Back to School Night, grades 3 – 5, 6:50 pm to 7:30 pm 
  • Tuesday, September 19 – Back to School Night, grades 6 – 8, 6 pm to 7:30 pm 
  • Wednesday, September 21 – PPS Late Start – School day starts at 10:45 am 
  • Monday, September 25 – PTSA Community Meeting 6:30 – 8 pm, in the auditorium 


Notes from the Principal 

Back to School Nights are next week! Monday, Sept. 18, we have grades K-2 from 6 pm to 6:40 pm and grades 3-5 from 6:50 pm to 7:30 pm. On Tuesday, Sept. 19, we have grades 6-8 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you! 


A big Thank You to everyone who has donated $30 per student for school supplies. If you still need to do this, the website is exceptionally easy to use:


Counselor's Corner

Hi folks, 

For the month of September we are continuing our K-5 focus on kindness. This last week, we watched a video called The Kindness Boomerang <> and did some scheming on how we can make this happen in our Winterhaven community. 

Next week, we will be starting a book called Enemy Pie and thinking of ways that kindness can break down animosity and barriers between us.  



Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion. Has ...

The 6th grade will also be focusing on kindness, but in a much more physical challenge way. We are also working on teambuilding and learning names and about each other since so many of them are new to Winterhaven this year.  

I also taught a lesson on the stages of racial identity to the 7th and 8th graders this week. We looked at Helms’ theory of white racial identity and delved into minority racial identity before setting them loose with other models of identity as well. All of this is done with the intention that students discover and learn more about how the concepts of race impact their lives and the lives of the people around them. It also helps to explain why people hold biases, and how to help each other think through those towards a more egalitarian mindset.

Our “avoiding-the-offspring-grunts-at-the-dinner-table” question of the week is: “How does your race affect your life?” This is a big, broad topic for all of us to explore, and continue to explore as we move through life. Expect this to be difficult and awkward for everyone. We actively encourage your students to embrace their discomfort around topics like this here at school, and it would be great if you could continue to push them and also lead by example outside of school. I know this can be hard to do, especially when you are exhausted after the work day. 

Cliff Shaw, Winterhaven School Counselor;


School Pictures 

Our photographer for school pictures is Holland Studios: The pictures will be available online soon, and the code will be wh17.  

Once the pictures are online, parents may order directly from the website.  Picture retake day has not yet been scheduled. 


Dot Day is Monday, September 18, 2017

Dot Day is a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration. It all began with Peter Reynold’s book The DotThe Dot is the story of a teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing. The book’s message has been an inspiration to many and last year on Dot Day over 9,600,000 dots were created in 169 different countries! 

Here at Winterhaven, we have added over 400 dots to the global count for the last 3 years! We start our art year by reading The Dot in every grade and currently art students are creating collaborative dots that will be part of a community art piece, to be proudly displayed in the school for our Dot Day Celebration. 

As part of the festivities, recess on the 18th will offer creative and collaborative activities for all. Everyone is invited to wear dots to school! 

Looking forward to an inspiring Dot Day!  

--Sharon Hatrak, PTSA Arts Coordinator 


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  • If you need help with your address or password, please email
  • There is an online form to SUBSCRIBE to the email lists or ADD / CHANGE data in the directory. NOTE: If your directory / subscriptions are up to date, no need to use the form.
  • Middle School Electives could use a few parent helpers! Please email Barb Fisher ( or Rebekah Folsom ( if you can spend some time on Friday mornings through 10/6 to help out.

Winterhaven Clothing Drive 

Continuing until Thursday September 21 - Winterhaven's Community Service Committee is running a Clothing Drive to provide clothes to the Portland Council PTA Clothing Center. 


PTA Clothing Center 

Thursday, September 21 (9:30 am to 1 pm) we need at least six volunteers for Winterhaven's assigned date at the Portland Council PTA Clothing Center at Marshall High School: 3905 SE 91st Ave, Portland, OR 97266. Email Rebekah Folsom at


After School Groups/Activities 

For information about after school opportunities, please remember to register at .  This is where all the flyers for activities are located. 


Chess Club 

Questions or need help with registration?  Email  


Muse Band


Cleveland Cluster Cross Country Team 

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