Winterhaven Weekly - 8/30/18

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Upcoming Events:

  • September 3 – No School – Labor Day
  • September 5 – Back to School Night Grades K-2 – 6:00 pm to 6:40 pm
  • September 5 – Back to School Night Grades 3-5 – 6:50 pm to 7:30 pm
  • September 6 – Back to School Night Middle School – 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
  • September 13 – Picture Day – All Grades


Principal’s Update – What a great first week of school! I am amazed and proud of how well our students and staff have started the school year. We have had to make a few changes, especially with our lunches, and the students have done an excellent job of assisting us in making sure we have had a smooth transition. I want to give you a quick update on a few other items so you can stay informed on what is happening at Winterhaven School.


  1. As many of you know, in the past, we provided a parent/student handbook to all families here at Winterhaven. Due to cuts to our budget, we made the decision to move the parent/student handbook online to our school website. Here is a link –  


  1. ParentVue & StudentVue information and link -  


  1. ParentVue– All parents have access to ParentVue, which is our student information system. Grades K-5 parents will not see class assignments and grades, but they can check on emergency contact information. Grades 6-8 parents will be able to check on classes and grades, along with emergency contact information. We ask that all families login to ParentVue to check the accuracy of the parent contact information and emergency contacts. If you have any changes that need to be made, please contact our principal’s secretary, Nancy Cooper @
  2. StudentVue – Students in grades 6-8 also have access to their class assignments and grades through StudentVue. It is recommended that middle school students regularly check on their progress by using StudentVue, ensuring they are up to date on assignments and other class information.
  1. Back to School Nights – Next week, we have our Back to School Nights. These nights are a great opportunity to come and listen to your child’s teacher about the upcoming year. The events are for adults only and we will have childcare available in the library during the K-5 Back to School night on Wednesday, September 5. We have 2 nights for our families to attend.


a.         Wednesday, September 5

  • Grades K-2 will have their Back to School Night this evening from 6 pm to 6:40 pm.  Parents report directly to their child’s classroom to begin this session.
  • Grades 3-5 will have their Back to School Night this evening as well, from 6:50 pm to 7:30 pm.  Parents report directly to their child’s classroom to begin this session.

b.         Thursday, September 6

  • Grades 6-8 will have their Back to School Night this evening from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.  The event will begin in the auditorium, with a presentation from the elective teachers.  At the conclusion of this presentation, families will then go to their child’s classrooms, following their child’s schedule.


We look forward to seeing everyone during the Back to School Nights! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our main office. Have a great three day weekend and we’ll see everyone next week!




Counselor’s Corner - Welcome back!

I hope your summers were all kind and gentle and your amazing kids are ready for another year.  They are definitely excited! If you are new to Winterhaven, welcome aboard. I’ll send out these messages every week with the mailer home.  There are usually three main parts to each message: What we are doing in classroom counseling time, something to ponder/learn for parents and something to discuss at home with the family.  My goal is to have a weekly article or TED Talk for the adults in our community to read or watch and a discussion question to have with your family. Last year, our questions were focused on race, this year they will be more varied, but race will continue to be a topic.  Some of you sent some excellent ideas to me to think over and spread around as well. Thank you!


All PPS counselors met together in June and again this August.  We came up with a set of priorities to focus on in all of our schools based on grade level.  For K-8 schools, we have the following three goals:

  • K-2: Each K-2 student will be able to identify emotions and two strategies to help them self-regulate. All students will learn how to solve minor/small problems through restorative practices.
  • 3-5: All students will understand and demonstrate skills of upstander [rather than bystander] behavior in the school, community and online.
  • 6-8: Suicide/Self Harm Prevention- All students will receive suicide/self-harm prevention lessons. All students will be able to name 3 adults they can report to. All students will know the steps of how to support a peer who may be suicidal.


We will spend a good chunk of time on these in my classroom visits over the course of the year.  Any supplemental stuff you want to do at home is encouraged! I’ll be doing other topics over the course of the year that I’ll be updating you on as the year progresses.  


This week we are just helping ease ourselves back into school-mode.  I’ll be leading some activities for us to remember who we are collectively and to celebrate each of our unique ways.  Next week I’ll start in on doing mindfulness lessons using the Mind-Up curriculum in the K-6 classrooms (we may get to these this week in 6th grade).  I’ll visit the 7th and 8th grade classes more sporadically.


One of the things that continually strikes me about our unique school is the level of anxiety among our students.  One of the most therapeutically effective tools to use in working with this is mindfulness, so we are digging into that again in the classroom.  However, I also think that we as parents (I have a 14-year-old who just graduated from Winterhaven and a 10-year-old who has yet to get in) need to address our own anxiety to help create a safe container for our kids.  This will be our theme for parental stuff the next few weeks. Here is a quick article on self-help from this summer:

Our question for family talk time, maybe during dinner?  “What are things you do to help keep you mentally healthy?  What else would you like to try?”


Cliff Shaw
School Counselor
Winterhaven School


Parking around Winterhaven School – Please remember to park in designated parking spots when parking in the neighborhood.  Please do not block driveways or walkways when parking, and please do not double park.  Thank you for your attention on this matter.


Picture Day – Picture Day is Thursday, September 13.  We will take pictures of all students on that day, with elementary classes in the morning, and middle school in the afternoon.  Sibling photos will be taken before school, starting at 8:30 am.  If you would like a sibling photo taken, please let Nancy in the office know,  In our continued quest to be a paperless society, we will not be handing out order forms/packets.  When pictures are available on-line, the photographer will send us a link, and parents will be able to register and view their own student’s photos.  Parents will then be able to order photos from that same link.  Picture re-take day is October 5th.


School Calendar – Some of you have noticed we did not hand out paper calendars this year.  We will be putting important dates on the school website: It may be helpful to bookmark this site.  Also, the calendar can be printed at home from this link.


Nutrition Services Update -

Meal Benefits – Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications:

All PPS families are being notified of the opportunity to apply for free and reduced price meal benefits.  Already, the Nutrition Services team has determined that over 9,000 students directly certified for free meals (through SNAP, Foster, etc) and have processed over 565 applications. Please encourage families to use the online application for secure, confidential and quicker processing. Paper applications with translated copies are available for download on the Nutrition Services website as well.  For questions or inquiries, please contact    

Additional Meals and a la carte milk:

All PPS kitchens will be offering each student the opportunity to purchase one breakfast and one lunch per day.  Please note that the school kitchens will no longer be selling additional meals or milk a la carte.  While the Nutrition Services department has included this in the menu calendar and in a separate flyer to families, we appreciate the support in communicating this to families through school newsletters or notifications.  Please click here to access the blurb to include in school based communication explaining this change.

Whitney Ellersick, Senior Director, Nutrition Services


Winterhaven Chess Club - Do you want be part of one of the largest and most active chess clubs in Oregon? Join the Winterhaven Wizards Chess Club!  Our focus is to have fun while learning problem solving, strategy, and good sportsmanship. Tournament opportunities are available throughout the year, for those interested in competitive play.


Registration is now open:     


When:  Wednesdays, (October 24th - Spring Break) after school until - 4:25 PM

Grades: K-8 (we will need additional volunteers for K-1 students)

Skill levels: All students interested in playing chess - previous experience not required.


Club donation: $50 per student (scholarships available, please inquire). Donations are applied to team t-shirts, chess coaching materials and software, chess equipment, scholarships, awards, and a club party. Donations accepted via PayPal ( or Check (Winterhaven Chess Club).


Please VOLUNTEER if you have the time: It's a big group, and we could really use some volunteers to help keep the students focused. No chess experience necessary.


Have questions, comments, or need help with registration?  Please read the Chess Club FAQ or email Dean Ehnes



Youth Cross Country - Interested in running cross country with the Cleveland Youth team this year? Come to the parent meeting August 29 at 6:30 in the Cleveland High School cafeteria. Forms will be available to pick up, and you may also access all needed forms and information at If you have already filled out your forms, please bring them! The season begins Sept. 5. We look forward to another awesome year, can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday! If you have any further questions, please contact coordinator Meghan Eigo at 



Weekly Information must be submitted by the end of the work day on the Tuesday before you wish to have it included in the newsletter.  We only publish information that directly relates to our school and our students.  If you wish to place something in the weekly, please email it to Nancy Cooper at