Winterhaven Weekly - 4/26/2018

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Upcoming Events:


  • May 7 – PTSA Community Meeting – 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • May 9 – K-2 Spring Concert – 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm
  • May 16 – Two Hour Late Start
  • May 18 – PTSA Carnival – 5 pm to 8 pm
  • May 23 – 3-5 Spring Concert – 6:30 to 7:00 pm


Counselor’s Corner - Hey everyone,

Here’s what is on for the next week in counseling. In K-5 we will be doing more on self-esteem and friendship skills.  Several parents and students identified this as a need surfacing now.  We read one of my favorite books last week, “Cosmo Zooms” and I’m hoping to do some reading of other related (TBA) stories to them this week. If you could check in on what your student thinks they are good at and reinforce those things, as well as offer other possibilities, that would be helpful.  One of the harder things to watch is a kid who sits there when asked “what are you good at?” and can’t think of anything. There’s always a few of them in the higher elementary classes as the hormones and social awareness take their toll on their self-esteem. The kids are looking to be especially conscious of giving each other compliments for things they see each other do well these next couple weeks. We will then be starting our health curriculum the first week of May. The curriculum is here:

6th grade will be continuing our Health curriculum also.  We will be doing this until the end of the year.  We are finishing up lesson 2 and starting on lesson 3 next week.

Speaking of health, you may have heard that the middle school is going to get more health next year.  There is going to be some shuffling to make that happen, so expect some changes in the schedule for next year.  

State Testing is kicking off this week. Some kids may be more stressed out than others about this. Please reassure them that they have the skills they need to excel and remind them to do the breathing exercises we worked on earlier in the year. I’ll be in classrooms as they begin testing as much as my schedule allows. If you have any questions about State Testing, I’m the point person on that as well.  

This article jumped at me this week. Is Winterhaven’s gender imbalance (especially in the middle school) a comparable situation?  I appreciate how the article focuses on the unexpected ripples to some decisions. This is something that is often lost on most kids (and us adults more than we like to admit) and something we should be continually bringing up with our kids to help them see the bigger picture.  I was also struck by how often the men in this article left home at 14 to look for work. This is the age of our 8th graders here (including one of whom is mine) and I’m sure is related to some of the pushing back behaviors that we see with them. Of course they are not ready for adulthood, but of course, they want more of it than we want to give them in US culture. It’s had me thinking about how to address that.

At our Wednesday morning training last week, James Avison’s awesome intern Marla Thayer said something that inspired this week’s question.  I have a distant feeling I’ve asked something similar to this already, but it’s important enough to revisit either way. We all make mistakes around race.  How do we clean them up when we do?

Cliff Shaw
School Counselor
Winterhaven School

Yearbook Orders

Yearbook distribution time is coming soon. If you have not yet purchased a yearbook for your student, you may pay $17.00 in the office with cash or a check (made out to Winterhaven). If paying with a debit or credit card is more convenient, please go to: If your family needs a scholarship, please see Nancy in the office, or email



WRAP UP CONTINUES--DEADLINE #2--FRIDAY APRIL 27 - All forms and money are due Friday. A big thank you to the 55 middle schoolers who turned theirs in for early bird. We need forms and money in on time to order prizes and t shirts.


**All checks should be written to "Winterhaven PTSA". All monies should be secured in an envelope with student name and attached to their form.


Thank you for your continued support,

Colleen Dixon

PE Specialist


From the PTSA

Please join us on Monday, May 7, 6:30-8:30 PM at Winterhaven School for an exciting and full Community Meeting, including two excellent guest speakers and our annual PTSA Board elections


Please consider joining the board and adding your efforts to our community. Click here to see the full list of open board positions and their descriptions. 


Speakers include:

  • Kenya Budd, who ran an equity workshop with our community last spring, is returning to touch on how our community has fared 1 year later, and then will devote the rest of her time speaking about parenting women for STEM careers.
  • Claudia Cuentas, a local trauma clinician, will then speak about parenting anxious children, providing some practical tips, including the "Body Up" approach and how anxiety is reflected in the body and nervous system.

 We very much hope to see you then! 


Winterhaven Chess Club

Congratulations are in order to The Winterhaven Chess Club!!  This past weekend 13 qualifying players came out to the Oregon State Chess Tournament in Seaside, Oregon, and each of them did wonderfully representing Winterhaven in both skill and sportsmanship.  And, they had quite a bit of fun as well!  Please give a round of applause to all of our qualifiers and award recipients:

  • Liam Taylor
  • Garrett Mackey
  • Carson St Amand
  • Cash Shepski
  • Breslin  Nichols (Plus Score Medal)
  • Eldon Nichols
  • Jennings Ehnes  (Plus Score Medal)
  • Cody Schupp  (3rd Place)
  • Miles Jeffery
  • Guthrie  Castile
  • Jake Lubin  (Honorable Mention Trophy)
  • Dreamliner Krokus  (Plus Score Medal)
  • River  Nichols  (Plus Score Medal)
A very special thanks to each of the coaches of the Chess Club, who have spent their time and genuine interest in furthering each players success:
  • Robert Wentzel
  • Elizabeth Moore
  • John Shepski
  • Marty Glomski
  • Dean Ehnes
You are all very appreciated!  Your time investment and interest don’t go unnoticed.

With the close of this Chess season, we’re already looking forward to next year and the fun and successes ahead!


Cleveland High School Dance Team

Save the date! The Cleveland High School Dance Team is holding tryouts for the upcoming season on May 15th, 16th, and 17th. Pick up your tryout packet today in the main office.