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Cliff's Corner - 9/28/2017

posted Oct 12, 2017, 10:23 AM by Admin at Winterhaven

Hey all, this week we continue to look at kindness in the K-6 classes.  Besides watching a couple Thai commercials ( and ) and discussing them, we are making links in the kindness chain.  The inside of each link is how we want to be treated kindly and the outside is something we can do for others.  The complete chain should be up next week in the front hall!  

For 8th graders, the high school transition legwork is happening even earlier than the “ridiculously early” that it was last year.  The high school lottery officially opens November 13th and closes December 1st.  If you are thinking of going somewhere other than your neighborhood school, you’ll need to get in the lottery again.  However, the district is really pushing for everyone to go to their neighborhood schools, so it is difficult to get in a different high school, other than Benson.  Because of this, Benson HS will be visiting our 8th graders October 20th and showing them what Benson has to offer.  I expect Cleveland and Franklin and possibly Grant to come visit in the coming months as it becomes time to choose classes (aka forecasting).

One of the things that has been coming up in Winterhaven is the casual commenting on people’s physical attributes.  We want to remind our students that even light hearted comments can hurt the student they are directed at as well as others who overhear.  The more we can remind our kids that all of them are beautiful in their own unique way, the better all of their self-esteem will be.  

Related to that:  In order to keep my finger on the proverbial pulse of the school, I’ve made a few needs assessments using Google forms.  Please take the time to fill this out to let me know where I should be focusing my attention:   Your students also completed (or will soon) a version of this as will the staff.  I’ll use this data to inform my work here at Winterhaven for the year.  

Our question of the week is centered on the current events in the NFL.  “How do you believe people should protest injustice?  What should the limits on their protests be?  Why?”  Again, these topics are in support of our PTSA’s goal to have all of our kids graduating from Winterhaven as informed, considerate, thoughtful people.  

Thanks again!  Cliff Shaw,