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Cliff's Corner - 6/9/2017

posted Jun 9, 2017, 5:09 PM by Rebekah Folsom

Hey folks, I’m wrapping up the lessons on bullying from the viewpoints of three students with Dare!, Weird!,  and Tough!  with the 3rd and 4th graders.  First grade had their lesson on Crickwing Monday that we will use to think about kindness and bullying in more depth next week, and Ms. Moran is doing her last bit of awesomeness with the Kindergarteners and 2nd grade.  5th and 6th grade will wrap up the year with Sex Ed.  Due to end of year activities, I may miss a few of these lessons next week.  

Something to ponder as summer approaches:  One of the hotter debates in education and in psychology is how much structure we provide for our kids vs. how much of that structure we expect them to create for themselves, and by extension, how much they learn to create those structures to manage themselves throughout their lives. You might consciously experiment with this over the summer and give your student some practice making their own decisions for the day in a responsible way.  If your student is old enough, discuss this openly with them and observe and process how it goes.  “Let’s try having you decide what you will do this afternoon.  Please remember that our expectations haven’t changed, we still expect you to make good choices.”  Be prepared for some challenges if they are used to a highly structured day, but be sure to talk about it with them afterwards.  Dealing with the inevitable struggles around this is a good place to grow some over the next few months and help them become more self-sufficient humans.  

The Question of the Week:  (A question for your family to talk about at a time together) What responsibilities come with being free to choose your path in a school?  In our society?     Questions or comments can be directed to Cliff Shaw at