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Cliff's Corner - 4/19/2018

posted Apr 26, 2018, 5:35 PM by Admin at Winterhaven

Counselor’s Corner Hey everyone,

Here’s what is happening in counseling this week and maybe next too!  When talking to kids and adults, we need to spend a little more time on friendships and relationships, so we will revisit that for the next couple weeks in the K-5 classrooms. This is the normal rhythm of the year; social things tend to flare up a bit after spring break.  Hormones? Seeing the sun for the first time in a while? End of the year approaching? With 3rd grade, we will also be doing some work with feelings and emotions around their first foray into state testing. After this, we will start digging into Health using this curriculum:  

6th grade is away at Outdoor School this week.  We will keep on going with our other Health curriculum, My Future, My Choice when we get back, continuing through the rest of the school year.  We will be finishing up lesson 2 and hopefully starting lesson 3, but we may need to spend some time processing Outdoor School instead.

A good article on the complexities and history of this thing we call race came out in National Geographic this week:   It’s their Race Issue, so you may want to check it out, if you can.  

We are often faced with an inaccurate portrayal of how different folks’ relationships look.  What are some of the stereotypes you may have heard of other races and the way they act in a relationship?  Can you think of any counter examples to these stereotypes? One of the best things we can do to get rid of our own biases is to see and actively notice counter examples, so let’s practice that for this exercise.

Cliff Shaw
School Counselor
Winterhaven School