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Cliff's Corner - 1/25/2018

posted Jan 26, 2018, 5:36 PM by Admin at Winterhaven

Counselor’s Corner  Hello again,

Here’s what’s happening in the world of counseling at Winterhaven.

For the classroom visits, we are shifting into celebrating the diversity of the world. For K-5; I’m planning on using a series by the Southern Poverty Law Center called Different Colors of Beauty. I likely won’t be doing all of them, but I’ll do most.  Before we get into this, we will watch Dr. Seuss’ Sneetches and do a quick situational role-play around that. The future lessons are here:

Different Colors of Beauty | Teaching Tolerance

The overall goal of these lessons is to help students develop their racial or ethnic identities in a safe and open classroom environment. Each lesson capitalizes on a ...

6th grade will also be looking at lessons around diversity, starting with looking at our own biases with Project Implicit, a study done by Harvard.  After this, we will be doing some lessons from Teaching Tolerance as well.   

Forecasting for the majority of our 8th graders is just ahead.  Franklin will be here the 2nd and Cleveland will be here the 16th. Each of them will send paperwork home to be signed. Franklin is on a tight schedule after that, I’ll need them back in under a week.  

Speaking of middle school, we have a couple events in the near future for them.  First is a play by the Children’s Theater and Kaiser on bullying called Above, Between, Below on February 1st.  After this, on the 28th, the middle school will be watching the movie Screenagers.  If you are interested in seeing Screenagers yourself, look for information from the PTSA soon.  

And our question: What makes talking about race and racism uncomfortable? What can we do to continue those conversations and push through? How can we encourage our kids to do this work also?

Cliff Shaw