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Cliff's Corner - 11/9/2017

posted Nov 13, 2017, 3:34 PM by Admin at Winterhaven

Counselor’s Corner - Hey everyone, Here’s what’s happening in counseling this week.  

I only came to half of the 6th graders for guidance lessons this week, thanks to our schedule. I’ll make up the other 6th graders Thanksgiving week so they will get the same information. All the other classes are scheduled for Wednesday-Friday so I’ll have to wait to see everyone else until next week. We will continue our mindfulness studies (4 more lessons) until Winter Break. The video for 6th grade was this one:

Again, mindfulness is best done as a daily practice. Doing it with your kiddos sets the example for them and opens the door for you to share some of your challenges with them as well as show them ways to work through it. Here is a decent read about how Anxiety and Mindfulness work together:

Please remember to gently process conferences with your students. Some are pretty worried about them, especially middle schoolers who have to lead the whole meeting. Talking through that anxiety and maybe sharing a time you had your own nervousness around being graded or reviewed can be helpful.  

Our Question: “How did issues around race affect the events in a movie you watched together recently?”  

Thanks again! Cliff Shaw,