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Cliff's Corner - 11/30/2017

posted Jan 19, 2018, 3:51 PM by Admin at Winterhaven

Counselor’s Corner -

Hey all,

It’s been a busy few days since Thanksgiving here.  This is what we are (hopefully) up to:

In K-6 classrooms we are finishing up our last three weeks of mindfulness training.  This week, instead of using our breath as an anchor to keep our “Monkey Minds” busy, we spent some time with some coloring books with themes from all over the world.  We worked on just returning our focus to the drawing every time we felt our minds wander.  The kids who struggled the most with keeping track of their breath have done wonderfully with this so far. Sometimes a little motion is what is needed, underlining that mindfulness is very much an individual experience.  Again, supporting our students through this at home is building a very useful skill for them and hopefully relaxing them as well.  

I spent some time in both 7th grade classes talking about the objectification of other humans.  Some innocent ratings of each other turned hurtful.  If you could reinforce how we should try to see every human on the inside, deeper self that would be helpful.   

In 8th grade we are having a series of community meetings looking at how we are interacting and treating each other and hopefully find a consensus on what is appropriate and what is hurtful.  The goal is to increase the cohesion in that class and heal some of the fractures that have been happening.  

8th grade is also easing into forecasting for high school.  Before I forget, Grant will be here Friday, January 5th and Franklin will be here Friday, February 2nd.  The only other school I expect to come to Winterhaven is Cleveland.  I’ll keep you posted when we get them scheduled.  

Also, a last reminder for 8th grade parents looking at Jefferson, MLC or Benson - the lottery closes December 1st.  Likely that is tomorrow from when you get this.  

Our equity question for the week:  How are stereotypes harmful?  What about positive stereotypes?  How are they harmful as well?

Cliff Shaw