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Cliff's Corner - 10/26/2017

posted Oct 27, 2017, 12:02 PM by Admin at Winterhaven

Counselor’s Corner Hey all,

Here’s what’s going on in the counseling world at Winterhaven.  

Last week in the K-6 classrooms we did the Marshmallow Test. I had to attend to some crises and had to miss 2nd and 5th, so we will get them this week. For the rest of the classes, we will move into mindfulness training using some basic lessons from Mindful Schools and Mind Up! Together, we will watch this introduction video:

The older grades may also watch this TED Talk:

6th grade will also get our district Pocket Directory handed out and explained to them. It is a small pamphlet with resources for them that every middle school student in the district gets. I’ll go over it quickly with them as well. 7th and 8th had them handed out in their core classes already.

Be sure to hug your kids this week. There is a lot of depression, stress and anxiety in the building. I keep encouraging our kids towards the trinity of relaxation: exercise, art and mindfulness. Together they work exponentially and best if done daily and together as a family. Don’t we all need a little help with letting go of the stresses in our lives? In a few weeks, you can ask your students to teach you about mindfulness, which will help you talk together as well as solidify their learning.

Our question of the week:  What makes talking about race difficult?  What can we do to overcome this?

Thanks again!  Cliff Shaw,

Regarding 8th grade transitions to High School:

8th graders heard from Benson Tech last Friday.  Many of them sound interested. Benson also has a shadow day on November 17th if your student is thinking of going there, permission slips should have already gone home. If they didn’t, replacements are hanging outside my door or on Benson’s website. They need to be back to me by November 1st so we can have the details figured out. 

Speaking of high schools, here is the link to the district page with all high school Open Houses and other activities each high school puts on.  

Every year there is a family or two who are surprised by which high school neighborhood they are really in. The west side changed pretty drastically recently with a few subtle changes on the east side as well. Double check your neighborhood schools here:  

The lottery for the high school choice system is super early this year, November 13th - December 1st.  Fair warning: it will be extremely difficult to transfer somewhere other than Benson, MLC, or Jefferson.