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Join the 2018-19 PTSA Board

posted Apr 23, 2018, 3:28 PM by Admin at Winterhaven   [ updated Aug 13, 2018, 2:57 PM ]

The 2018-20 slate has several open positions. Typically roles are two years in length.

Please consider joining the Winterhaven PTSA board and bringing your talents to our community. 

If you are interested in joining the board this year, please email Rebekah Folsom (, PTSA Board President, and plan to attend our May 7 Community meeting at Winterhaven from 6:30-8:30 PM to present yourself for the vote.

Roles and time commitments vary, with some chairs requiring engagement at a high level, some more as-needed. The Board meets bi-monthly, alternating with Community Meetings, and manages discrete tasks related to the budget, events, communications, and other key tasks that keep our community connected and our students and teachers supported.

Vacancies for this slate include:

  • President: This Officer is the official board leader who directs events, communications, and the PTSA's responsibilities to the community in cooperation with the other Officers and Chairs of the board. The president leads not by dictating, but by working together with the board and community members to address common concerns.
  • VP / President-elect: This Officer is a supporting / advisory role that may be called upon at any time to temporarily assume the place of the president. Presides at meetings in the absence of the president or upon the inability of the president to serve.
  • Treasurer: This Officer is a crucial role as the authorized custodian of all funds donated to the PTSA by the community. This role keeps a full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures in accordance with the budget approved by the membership, completes annual taxes, billing, accounting, and other funds management, as prescribed in the bylaws and standing rules, and as authorized by community votes. *This role should work closely with a budget / fundraising committee.
  • At-Large Member: This is an ad-hoc role (or roles) who supports the other Chairs by stepping in as needed.
  • Communications Chair: Manages the PTSA messages, social media, website, email, and other forms of communication between the PTSA board and the community as well as inter-community. This role is one of our Facebook Admins as well as one of our website / email admins. *This role should work closely with a communications committee
  • Community Service Chair: This role runs various service events around the Winterhaven and greater community, including Food, Clothing, and Book drives and related service events. Fills Winterhaven's PTA Clothing Center assignments (+drive) twice a year, and has previously also overseen cleaning and organizing the school's Lost & Found area. *This role works closely with a community service committee
  • Cultural Enrichment Chair: Engages within our own and the greater Portland community to encourage partnerships, outreach, cultural events, visiting guests and teachers, and other times where Winterhaven can forge greater outreach and bring more of our community partners into the school. *This role typically works closely with the Parents for Equity committee
  • Fundraising Chair: This role performs outreach within our community and across Portland seeking opportunities to build our budget wealth so we can maintain all of our planned programs and events. This is a crucial role for helping our budget remain strong and keep opportunities for Winterhaven to be a great partner with local businesses. *This role should work closely with a budget / fundraising committee
  • Membership Chair: Encourages others to join the PTSA, tracks PTA membership, accounts for membership payments, tracks member / non-member votes, and provides membership roles at all community votes to ensure a quorum is present at all voting events. *This role could work closely with a nominating committee
  • Safety Chair: Runs the Safety Outbuilding, stocking Safety outbuilding with non-perishable supplies, assists with safety-related training, provides safety information to families, works with health staff (nurses office) at the school, and manages the safety budget to assist with safety-related events at the school.
  • Student Adviser / Chair: This student adviser, typically filled by a student who will be a 2018-19 8th grader, attends Board meetings and offers student perspectives, bringing them back to a student council (should one be formed in 2018-19), and contributing information between the student population and the parent community.
  • Volunteer: This role enlists volunteers for all events and happenings at the school, managing needs for helpers, sending out reminders, and creating partnerships with parents to keep enough helping hands available so that all events run smoothly. *This role typically works with a volunteer committee

Proposed slate (all roles are open, but these community members are willing to stand for the following roles):
  • Kim Brater - President
  • Heather Dickinson - VP / President-elect
  • Open - Treasurer
  • Colin Sears - At Large Member
  • Kylara Klym - Communications Chair
  • Open - Community Service Chair
  • Open - Cultural Enrichment Chair
  • Nicole Cordan - Co-Fundraising Chair
  • Open - Co-Fundraising Chair
  • Open - Membership Chair
  • Sheryl Eckrich - Safety Chair
  • Open - Student Adviser / Chair
  • Open - Volunteer Chair

Roles continuing in 2018-19:
  • Adam McIsaac - Secretary
  • Cliff Shaw - Faculty Adviser / Chair
  • Alan Scott - Legislative Chair